Best soups to try this monsoons

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Best soups to try this monsoons

Nutrients-dense soups to keep monsoon sicknesses at bay

Monday, 31st August 2020

Do you love the pitter-patter of the rains? Are you fascinated by the stormy showers hitting your window pane? Well, then monsoons could surely be your favorite season. The monsoon showers and gushing winds could lead to a sharp drop in temperatures and that’s exactly when your mind would crave for something piping hot & delicious.


One of the most delectable food items that should definitely find a place in your monsoon menu are ‘Soups’. Yes, a bowl of piping hot soup could seem like heaven during the rains. Not only do soups treat your taste buds aptly but also they supply your body with all essential nutrients for keeping monsoon sicknesses at bay. Here are top 5 super tasty, immune boosting soups you could try during the monsoons…read below:


French Onion Soup

The French onion soup spiced up with garlic and black pepper is rich, hot and delicious. The generous use of Maida, Butter and Cheese gives the soup a smooth, creamy and thickened texture. Use of grilled veggies in the soup makes it all the more filling and yummy. A slice of bread submerged in the soup takes this classic soup to the next level!

Bulbs like onion and garlic are anti-inflammatory in nature. These ingredients can bring about thermo genesis in the human body and keep rain-fetched sicknesses at bay.


Capsicum Soup

Roasted capsicum slices and garlic pods along with chopped onion and sautéed ginger go into the making of the delectable capsicum soup. Generous use of butter, corn flour and cheese gives the soup a rich, luxurious texture. Black pepper powder gives the soup that much needed fiery sting.

Folic acid present in Capsicum boosts the capacity of proliferation for the key immune system cells like T Cells and CD8. That helps in keeping monsoon sicknesses away.


Mushroom Soup

The nutrients-dense mushrooms can make one of the most effective ingredients for a soup specifically meant for the monsoon months. Use of cream, cheese and butter gives the soup a smooth, thick make. Use of garlic and onion in the soup imparts the soup with a fiery element.

Mushrooms are rich in Selenium-a, Vitamin B, Vitamin D and more. Thus, the nutritional profile of mushroom makes it an apt ingredient for monsoon soups.



Source: NDTV

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