Curry leaves for fat loss

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Curry leaves for fat loss

Here is how you can consume kadi pattha in your diet

Tuesday, 1st September 2020

Most of us pick kadi patthas from dishes and keep them aside because they taste bitter. But did you know that curry leaves can help you lose weight apart from adding flavor and aroma to your curries? So the next time you think of leaving them out on your plate, think again!


 Curry leaves drink can detox your body as well as increase your metabolism rate, in turn burning your excess, unwanted fat. You can also get rid of all the toxins from your body.


Consuming curry leaves directly might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Read on for various ways you can consume curry leaves to flush out the fat from your body.


1.Kadi pattha juice

Blend 20-30 curry leaves with a glass of water in a blender until the leaves are finely chopped. Add mint leaves for flavor (optional). Drain the mixture and consume the drink.

The drink is packed with immunity boosting ingredients along with antioxidants. Drinking this early in the morning helps reduce belly fat. For added health benefits, add some spinach leaves or celery.


2.Curry-leaves infused water

Boil 20 curry leaves in water and strain the mixture. Add a drop of lemon and/or honey to enhance the flavor. Consume the tea in the morning for the best results.



Source: Health Shots 



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