NCRB informs of a steep spike in heart attack triggered deaths down the years

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NCRB informs of a steep spike in heart attack triggered deaths down the years

Deaths due to heart attacks have increased much since 2014

Monday, 7th September 2020

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has revealed the stats pertaining to heart attacks related deaths and it has been informed that such deaths have witnessed a steep rise since the year 2014. While in the year 2014, about 18,309 people in total were killed due to sudden heart attack, the number of such deaths leaped across the years that followed. Claims are that about 28,005 people were killed due to heart attack in the year 2019. The figures, in other words, increased by nearly 53% in the course of five years.

The stats also reveal that the number of heart attack triggered deaths has increased steadily across the various age groups except those below the age of 14 years and those between the ages of 14 years and 18 years. NCRB started offering details of such deaths based on the age group divisions in the year 2016.

The comparative data analysis of the previous 4 years of the NCRB reports clearly reveal that the fatalities triggered by heart attacks in the 18 years to 30 years age group spiked from 1,940 in the year 2016 to about 2,381 in the year 2019. A similar trend could be noticed in the 30 years-45 years age group. 

While in the year 2016, 6,646 people in total belonging to this age group lost their lives to heart attacks, the figures in the year 2019 stood at 7, 752. In the age group of 45 years-60 years the heart attacks related fatalities peaked from 8,862 in the year 2016 to about 11,042 in the year 2019. In the age group of 60 plus, 6,612 people have passed away due to heart attacks last year when compared to 4,275 people in the year 2016.



Source: Times of India

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