Novel Skin Woe Maskne: Know the details

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Novel Skin Woe Maskne: Know the details

End Maskne with the right tips

Tuesday, 8th September 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has fetched in all sorts of unwanted problems and some of those problems may not be as deadly as the infection itself but are pretty annoying. One such thing is the ‘Maskne’. It is a kind of novel acne that has popped up from nowhere at the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

Many of us are facing this skin woe in the recent times. Wearing mask, as we all know, has been made mandatory everywhere to contain the spread of the virus and wearing mask for long hours has triggered the outbreak of acne on the chin or along the jaw line. This Maskne is a new phenomenon and an expert like Dr Simal Soin (top cosmetic and aesthetic dermatologist and founder of Aayna Clinic) can guide you all relevant details on Maskne…

Maskne: Causes

•    According to Dr. Soin, wearing a tight mask for a long period of time could lead to rashes on the bridge of your nose. The key reason behind these rashes is ‘friction’. Friction with skin irritates your skin and the result is unwanted rashes!

•    Weather too may play the spoilt-sport. If it’s too humid or excessively dry, the impact of wearing mask may be quite poor for your skin.

•    Those who have a sensitive skin or have been suffering from an underlying skin issue such as psoriasis, acne or rosacea, they have every possibility to get ‘maskne’ due to prolonged mask wearing.

Tips from Dr. Soin to minimize the problem:

•    You need to wear 100% cotton masks that feel soft on your skin. The fabric should never be rough fabric as such fabric can aggravate the issue due to increased friction.

•    When you wash your mask make sure you use only a mild detergent for the same. Strong detergent will have harsh chemicals that might get trapped within the fabric of the mask and irritate your skin further.

•    When you are at home or at a place that’s not crowded at all, you may remove your mask for a certain period of time and let your skin breathe.

•    Abstain from reusing a mask. If you have used a mask once, you need to wash properly and sun-dry it prior to reusing. Using a soiled, moist mask again and again can worsen the issue of Maskne.

•    Before you wear a mask you need to make sure that your skin is clean enough and well moisturized. This will help in keeping friction at bay.

•    Splattering the affected area with a mild calamine lotion after removing mask is important. Calamine lotion is an effective skin soother.



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