Curry Leaves: Facts you need to know

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Curry Leaves: Facts you need to know

Herb that is great for flavoring your dishes & for your health

Wednesday, 9th September 2020

Curry leaves are but the foliage obtained from the curry tree and is used in various Indian dishes in dry or fresh form. It has a delectable aroma and is used mainly as a flavoring agent in Indian cuisine. But, apart from culinary use, curry leaves or the quintessential kadi patta can have several health benefits too. Dr. Dixa Bhavsar, an Ayurvedic practitioner points out how this common kitchen garden herb can make your body healthy and strong from within. Read on to learn more…


Health benefits of Curry Leaves

Checks Anemia

Curry leaves are rich in folic acid and iron. These two minerals are needed for healthy hemoglobin levels. Thus, curry leaves are great for reversing anemia.


Has anti-diabetic impact

Curry leaves can bring down the levels of glucose in blood. Thus, it is good remedy for people who have diabetes.


Keeps your heart healthy

Curry leaves can boost the levels of good cholesterol or HDL. That keeps heart diseases at bay.


Aids digestion

Curry leaves come with Carminative properties and, are great for curing the pitta imbalances. Thus, these leaves make an excellent remedy for indigestion.


Relieves congestion

Vitamin A & C and Kaempferol found in curry leaves in ample amounts can de-congest your lungs and the clogged sinuses. Thus, it is a good remedy for wet cough and cold.


How to incorporate Curry Leaves in your daily diet

  • You can make an infusion with curry leaves and drink it warm after straining.
  • You can dry roast curry leaves and add in your various snack recipes like bhel puri, pakodes
  • You can use powdered curry leaves in your dals and curries
  • You can temper your dishes with the flavorful curry leaves
  • You can extract juice out of curry leaves and add to buttermilk or any other veggie juice.
  • You can simply chew raw curry leaves in empty stomach in the morning



Source: Indian Express

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