Narmada dam: Water level reached 136.49 metres on Tuesday

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Narmada dam: Water level reached 136.49 metres on Tuesday

Water in the Narmada dam almost brimming

Wednesday, 9th September 2020

Water level in the Narmada dam, on Tuesday, reached 136.49 metres. The level is just two metres less than its Full Reservoir Level (FRL). For two continuous years the dam will have water till the brim. The inflow from the Indirasagar and Omkareshwar dams was about 11 lakh cusec every day since August 30th until September 2nd, SSNNL data recorded. 1 lakh cusec of inflow has been recorded due to receded Madhya Pradesh rains.


On Tuesday, the inflow was 94,251 cusec with an outflow of 32,947 cusec from the Riverbed Powerhouse (RBPH) as well as 4,554 cusec from the Canal Head Powerhouse (CHPH).


“This is the second year that the dam is reaching its maximum capacity of 138.68 metres.

But this year is different from last year because September 2019 was the first time since the completing of the construction and the installation of gates in 2017 that the dam was reaching the maximum capacity and being tested against the force of the full reservoir. So we were required to release water by operating RBPH last year. Since it has already happened last year, this year the dam can be filled up to its capacity but we are expecting a steady heavy inflow of close to 1 lakh cusec from MP, so the RBPH is also operational”, said an SSNNL official.



Source: Indian Express

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