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Latest IMD Monsoon Updates

Monsoon withdrawal may start late, says IMD

Friday, 11th September 2020

India Meteorological Department (IMD) has informed on Friday that the monsoons may start withdrawing from the extreme north western part of India in the forthcoming two weeks. IMD had reported on this Monday that earlier it had been told that the monsoon withdrawal from the west of Rajasthan may start in the week that ends on 18th September but the withdrawal would be delayed as heavy rains may occur post the date of 17th September.


The weekly weather forecast that was released on this Friday by the IMD scientists revealed that the monsoon withdrawal process may not begin soon as the Westerlies are pretty strong still.


North-east as well as the peninsular India may record more than normal rainfall in the next few weeks. West-central part of India may record more than normal rainfall between the time span of 18th September and 24th September. 2 depressions may possibly develop by the forthcoming two weeks.


The first depression zone is likely to develop close to north Andhra Pradesh (AP) coastal belt around the 13th of September and it is likely to travel along Vidarbha, Telangana and various other portions of the state of Maharashtra fetching in torrential rainfall. The second low-pressure zone may develop across the west-central Bay of Bengal on or around the 17th of September and it may be accompanied by yet another heavy rain spell. Significantly low rainfall was recorded in the country until the 11th of September. The country remained dry mostly during this time except for the country’s southern peninsula.


Dry spell across the north-western India paved the way for a marked rise in temperatures, as Bikaner located in the western part of Rajasthan recorded as much as 39.4 degrees Celsius (C) on the 9th of September.


In this context Anand Sharma; IMD scientist said: “We have no signal of monsoon withdrawal yet.”

“Rainfall will increase over peninsular India over the next few days. From Kerala and Karnataka, rains will shift to AP and then to Maharashtra. Rainfall in September is likely to range between normal and above normal, as the four-month-long south-west monsoon prepares for a withdrawal. A low-pressure area is likely to develop around September 13, which will bring rain and then we are expecting another low-pressure area to develop around September 17. There will be more rainfall in the week ending September 24. Rains are likely to pick up in the second half of September,” said RK Jenamani (Senior scientist; national weather forecasting centre).


In the month of September, monsoon rainfall until September 9th is about 29% low across the length and breadth of the country.

However, rains were about 35% excess across the peninsular India during the same period. On the contrary to this, the rains were about 24%, 30% and 54% low over the east and north-eastern India; north-western; and the central part of India, respectively.



Source: Hindustan Times 

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