Umar Khalid, ex JNU student arrested under the UAPA

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Umar Khalid, ex JNU student arrested under the UAPA

Delhi riot key conspirator Umar Khalid arrested

Tuesday, 15th September 2020

Umar Khalid, Ex-JNU student was arrested on this Sunday under the charges of his alleged participation in the rampant communal violence that tore NE Delhi apart. The riot broke out in the month of February over the issue of Citizenship Amendment Act. The riot was but the result of clashes between two groups of people- one group was that of the supporters of the Citizenship Amendment Act while the other group was that of the ones who were against the Act. Nearly 53 people were killed during the riot and hundreds were left injured. This was one of the worst violence that Delhi had seen since that of 1984 anti-Sikh.


Khalid was arrested by the Special Cell of Delhi Police under the charges pertaining to the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act post non-stop questioning for 11 hours at a stretch. In an interview a senior police officer revealed that Khalid had been one of the key conspirators in this case. Khalid is likely to be produced before the court on Monday and a charge sheet is likely to be filed against Khalid in a couple of days.


Khalid had been one of the members of United Against Hate; an Activist Group. The group recently informed that Khalid was arrested for conspiring for the large scale riot. “The fairy tale narrative that DP [Delhi Police] has been spinning and criminalising protests in the garb of investigating riots, finds yet another victim,” said the group in a statement.


Earlier this very month, the Crime Branch of Delhi Police had queried Khalid.


Name of Khalid found a place in the police chargesheet against Tahir Hussain, suspended councilor of Aam Aadmi Party. In the charge sheet it was stated that on the 8th of January, Hussain and Khalid met at the Shaheen Bagh of Delhi while a protest was being perpetrated with regard to the Citizenship Amendment Act. During the same time, the two were introduced to another Khalid Saifi. After the three met each other Umar Khalid dropped a hint of the forthcoming riot they were planning for at the time of Donald Trump’s visit to the country capital. In the month of April, the ex JNU student was also charged for another violence related case under UAPA. The allegations brought against him were that of fanning the outbreak of violence through his provocative speeches.


The ex JNU student had then denied all the allegations brought against him and stated that he was being wrongly implicated. “It is an upside down world that we are living in, in which these organisations and individuals that have worked for communal harmony are being implicated,” stated Khalid.


Police a day ago had listed out some of the big names that have, in some way or the other, encouraged the violent moves of the protestors pertaining to the Anti-Citizenship Amendment Act. In that list there were names like Sitaram Yechury (Secretary General of the Communist Party of India), Rahul Roy (documentary filmmaker), Apoorvanand (Professor of Delhi University), Yogendra Yadav (Leader of Swaraj Abhiyan), Jayati Ghosh (Economist). Just a day later after the naming of these people by the police, Khalid was arrested.




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