Justice S M Subramanium writes to Chief Justice for action against actor Surya

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Justice S M Subramanium writes to Chief Justice for action against actor Surya

Contempt of Court charges may be brought against Tamil actor Surya

Tuesday, 15th September 2020

Surya, the famed Tamil actor had recently brought allegations against the court for compelling the students to sit for NEET in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. In response to that, Justice S M Subramaniam, Judge of Madras High Court has written a letter to A P Sahi, Chief Justice for seeking Contempt of Court proceedings against the actor. This came just a day after Surya voiced his allegations.


Actor Surya made his statement this Sunday after the unfortunate incident of suicide by 4 NEET Exam candidates from Tamil Nadu. Their suicide, sources revealed, was prompted by surging anxiety and stress in writing a competitive exam in the hard times of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.


The actor had commented in this regard, “Courts were delivering justice through video-conferencing due to life-threatening coronavirus fears (but) are ordering students to fearlessly go and write the exams.”


On this Monday, sources associated closely with Justice Subramaniam confirmed that the judge has requested for action against the actor through a letter to the Chief Justice in which he has argued that the statement of the actor “amounts to contempt of court as the integrity and devotion of the honourable judges as well as the judicial system of our great nation are not only undermined but criticised in a bad shape…”



Source: Indian Express

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