Top 5 tea brewing mistakes to avoid

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Top 5 tea brewing mistakes to avoid

Brew the perfect, energizing cup every time!

Wednesday, 16th September 2020

Often it happens that you have purchased a pricey tea from the market but upon brewing it, it doesn’t turn out to be impressive enough. Actually, brewing tea the perfect way is an art and if you haven’t yet mastered that art, here are 5 tea brewing mistakes, knowledge of which will let you steer clear of these mistakes and brew the perfect cup. Learn more:


Storing the right way is important

Storing tea the right way can maintain the flavour and quality of your tea for long. Tea should be stored in a sturdy pouch tucked into a metallic container and container should definitely be airtight. The container should be kept away from direct sunlight and heat. Storing tea in cupboards that have other spices too and in containers that aren’t airtight can weaken the flavour of your tea. Exposure to heat and sunlight can deteriorate the quality of the tea.


Boiled Water; a strict No-No

Use fresh water for tea making. Bottled water as well as water from water purifiers may also be used, but you should never opt for boiled water. Boiled water is devoid of the natural oxygen molecules and can never yield a perfect cup of tea.


Never over-boil the water

Over-boiling the water you use for making tea could remove all the oxygen molecules from it thereby giving you a rather insipid, characterless tea. Boiling the water to appropriate temperature can give you a flavourful, tasteful cup of tea.


Don’t add tea leaves to boiling water

Never put tea leaves, sugar and milk to the boiling water. Once the water is near to its boiling state, you need to turn the flame off. Then, you can add the tea leaves to the hot, fuming water and put the lid over the tea pot. That will let you brew the tea to the strength of your choice. Boiling tea leaves in water is a big mistake that most of us make. That gives a bitter, strong brew as the tea leaves get over-cooked in that case.


Never add hot milk to your tea

When you are adding milk and sugar to your tea, make sure you add only cold milk and you add it only after the tea has been brewed and strained. Adding hot milk can cause the fat in the milk to soar upward and form an unsightly coat on the top of the brewed tea.

If you wish to take a healthier tea and relish it’s real, authentic flavours trying taking tea without the milk and sugar.



Source: NDTV

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