India may get its COVID 19 vaccine by early next year, said a top scientist

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India may get its COVID 19 vaccine by early next year, said a top scientist

Scientist talks about the challenges associated with the release of coronavirus vaccine in India

Tuesday, 22nd September 2020

A coronavirus vaccine may be ready with the onset of Year 2021 but releasing it for the massive Indian population of nearly 1.3 billion in a safe manner could be the greatest challenge for the country in the near future, said a top vaccine scientist to Bloomberg. India which is a renowned host to many of the clinical trials for the front-runner vaccines currently lacks the appropriate local infrastructure to take things beyond immunizing pregnant women and newborns, informed Gagandeep Kang (Professor of Microbiology; CMC Vellore & member of Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety; WHO).


The vaccine timing is significantly controversial subject around the globe. American President, Donald Trump has presented an opinion that the coronavirus vaccine will be available by the month of October 2020 and in that he has contradicted a renowned administration health head. Government of PM Modi had made commitments about an indigenous covid vaccine around the middle of August but then the government has walked back on the same.


The massive size of our country India and its current virus curve that’s quite far from flattening out, a quick & safe COVID-19 vaccine is the topmost priority right now for the administration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The disintegrated healthcare system of the country that was already in a struggling state prior to the pandemic cannot simply bear the strain of a pandemic stretching across a prolonged period of time. Stringent lockdown measures implemented around late March resulted in the major economic contraction among the major world economies with the GDP shrinking down by 23.9% across a period of three months until June from the previous year.


"By year-end we will have data that will tell us which vaccines are working and which ones are not going to do so well," stated Ms Kang, who was presiding over the government-owned committee and was closely watching over the prospective candidates of indigenous vaccine until the month of July 2020.


 "If we get good results by year-end then we are looking at vaccines being potentially available in tiny numbers in first half of 2021 and larger numbers in the latter part," added Kang.



Source: NDTV

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