Magical Tree Houses to rush to amid the new normal

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Magical Tree Houses to rush to amid the new normal

Spots that can rekindle your spirits

Wednesday, 23rd September 2020

Modern man has become slave to the need of staying ‘connected’. Back-to-back phone calls, emails, Wi-Fi and 3G have ensnared us to such an extent that we cannot imagine even a single day without these connectivity infrastructures. But, sometimes these technologies may rob us of our peace of mind and make us feel much like a robot. If ever you go through such an experience, you must take a break, set out on a tour of some of the most fascinating Tree Houses that help you ditch the Wi-Fi & connect with Mother Nature. Read out to learn more on the Tree Houses listed with the Airbnb travel itinerary…


Marmalade Springs; Kalpetta in Kerala

The Tree House belongs to the Marmalade Resort of Kerala and is set amid the multi-layered tree branches. You can catch a glimpse of the majestic Wayanad Mountains and sprawling coffee plantations. The Tree House is well furnished and comes with a glamorous sitting space from where you could enjoy the beauty of dawn and dusk.


Walnut Grove Tree House & Spa, Mussoorie in Uttarakhand

The Walnut Grove Tree House invites you for a transcendental experience. As you put up in the Walnut Grove Tree House, you’ll be able to enjoy the sight of rolling green vistas of Mussoorie from a height. The sonorous ambiance filled with the chattering of birds and rustling of dry leaves imparts music to the air around. The Tree House sports a luxurious interior designed to spoil you to the very core.


Whispering Pines Cottages- Banjar; Himachal Pradesh

Are you looking for a tranquil sanctuary to break free from the mundane chores of daily life? Then the Whispering Pines Cottages in the idyllic state of Himachal Pradesh is the best for you. The cottage nestled in the lap of nature and amid the lofty peaks makes a perfect refuge, helping you to unwind and connect with pristine nature.


Forest Valley Tree House, Madekeri; Karnataka

This magical Tree House set amid the coffee plantations can impart you with a soul exhilarating experience indeed. The meandering pathways cutting through the woods can let you feel the presence of nature at its glorious best. A shimmering stream flows by and the musical effect that the gurgling water produce simply awakens a sense of solace in you. If you are feeling suffocated due to the restrictions of the ‘new normal’, this is one spot you must definitely head for.



Source: Swirlster NDTV

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