7 foods that can help you say goodbye to acne woes

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7 foods that can help you say goodbye to acne woes

Stop popping pimples!

Wednesday, 23rd September 2020

Hey you! Stop popping those pimples. We know that you’re tired of oily skin and breakouts. Don’t you worry now, as we are going to give you a list of 7 foods to get rid of your acnes.


Just like you need to eat right for maintaining your body, you need to eat healthy to keep your skin healthy and pimple-free. Pimples are caused when the sebum is produced in extreme by our sebaceous glands. Some foods can help reduce sebum production and in turn reduce breakouts.


  • Cucumber: Cumber has soothing effect on your skin. It can detox your body as it constitutes almost 95% of water. It can flush out all the toxins out from the body. Either consume or massage your face with a slice of cucumber, it can aid in reducing oily skin and acnes.


  • Coconut water: Tender coconut is packed with minerals which can rehydrate the skin and prevent extreme oil secretion. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can soothe the skin. Consume coconut water to reduce pimples and keep skin ailments at bay.


  • Lemon: So much of vitamin C! You can either consume or apply it on your skin. Lemon juice can absorb oil and expel toxins out. Start loving lemonade if you love your skin!


  • Banana: Lack of minerals like potassium, magnesium and phosphorous leads to excess oil secretion. Banana consists of all these minerals along with vitamin E. Antibacterial properties in banana can relieve your face from pimple problems. Just rub some banana on your face and wash it to feel the difference.


  • Broccoli: Vitamins A and C are in abundant in broccoli, which are good for skin health. This vegetable also contains antioxidants that help in minimizing oil secretion in your body. Just boil some florets of broccoli and eat them for flawless skin.


  • Dark chocolate: Ahan, you heard it right! It’s not just any chocolate though. It must be dark. It has flavonoids that can prevent inflammation. The antioxidants in dark chocolates will give your skin a glow that you always wanted. However, don’t over eat them because they contain calories.


Nutritional balance is the key to have a healthier skin. Make sure to consume a good amount of water and exercise daily for added bonus. When you sweat out toxins, your skin gets healthier and acne-free!



Source: Health shots 



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