Three workers crushed and choked to death after balcony collapse accident in Surat

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Three workers crushed and choked to death after balcony collapse accident in Surat

2 collapsed balconies kill 3...

Thursday, 24th September 2020

Three labourers were killed on this Tuesday after the balconies of two apartments collapsed in Surat’s Rander zone. The apartment had no residents as an instruction came from the Surat Municipal Corporation directing them to empty the building as it had “poor construction quality”.


According to the information provided by the sources of the fire department, a couple of labourers took shelter on the Nilanjana apartment’s ground floor due to the inclement weather outside and were fast asleep. The balconies of two of the flats in the building collapsed at around 4.40 am. Locals and other labourers ran to the spot on hearing the terribly loud noise. On reaching the site they discovered that many labourers were shut in under the heap of debris. They immediately reported to the Rander police and the fire department.


“Due to its poor construction quality, we emptied the Nilanjana apartment in October 2019 and had told flat holders to demolish or repair the apartment. But till date no repairing work or demolition was done. There are 25 shops on the ground floor and around 48 flats on the upper floors of the apartment. The shops were also sealed by us,” said CY Bhatt, Head; SMC Rander Zone.


“Due to heavy rainfall and lightning, the labourers might have taken shelter in the nearby shops and slept there. We will start a drive to identify apartments with poor construction quality in our zone and ensure that repairing work is done or entire building is demolished,” added Bhatt.


In this context, DV Baldaniya; Rander Police Inspector said, “We have registered a case of accidental death and started investigation. The residential apartment was empty as all the flat holders had shifted to other places. The building was likely to be repaired or demolished but no steps were taken. We will look into all the aspects and strict actions will be taken against those responsible.”



Source: Indian Express 

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