Pooja Bedi talks on life during the COVID 19 pandemic and how positive bent of mind can affect it

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Pooja Bedi talks on life during the COVID 19 pandemic and how positive bent of mind can affect it

Pooja Bedi opines on the importance of positivity during the pandemic

Monday, 28th September 2020

The world, at present, is feeling the heat of a devastating global pandemic that has changed the way of life of the humans at a global scale. Pooja Bedi, an eminent actress, newspaper columnist and TV talk show host says while speaking on this issue, "It's time to treat the COVID-19 as a reset button. They were many chasing a vision of where they want to be without enjoying the journey along the way. They decided to say my life matters, my quality of life matters and my journey matters. Change is tough but people have taken this opportunity to reassess their lives, where they are today and make positive decisions," comments Pooja on how life has changed and continues, "You cannot control what happens to you but you can always control how you respond to whatever happens to you. That determines the quality of your journey of life."


The topic of mental health is under the spotlights now and everyone seems to be concerned about it. In this context, Pooja Bedi says: "Wellness must be seen in a holistic sense. Depression is a very serious clinical condition and must be addressed professionally. For everyone else, happy hormones can be released in your brain in different ways. Love, hugs, cuddles, laughter and exercise all trigger neural functions for happy hormones to be released. If you ever feel there is mental stress, mental distress or mental illness, there is no harm asking for help. It is so important to be there for your loved ones."


"Whenever you look back at the some of the lowest moments when you thought the world was over, it wasn't over. You overcame it. What didn't kill you made you stronger," speaks Pooja on overcoming obstacles that life throws at you . "Remember - a positive head space, a positive attitude, repetition and gratitude. Keep a gratitude journal and write 3 things you are grateful for daily," adds Pooja Bedi to wind up the discussion.



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