Angel on bicycle saves lives, disappears sans any trace

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Angel on bicycle saves lives, disappears sans any trace

Savior vanishes after his act of bravado

Monday, 28th September 2020

It was indeed a favorable escape for Virpur’s Shamja family who took their chance at living life a second time as surely a divine intervention. If the ‘angel on a bicycle’ did not arrive on time at the accident scene where their car fell into a natural deep drain in vicinity to Gondal on this Saturday night, another four too might have been killed along with their tiny daughter, aged 3 years who could not be saved.


The man on bicycle arrived at the spot and without bothering about his own life threw himself into the gushing waters and rescued one after another except for the tiny girl.


Like the man’s appearance, his sudden disappearance too was clad in a cloak of mystery as he in no time disappeared into the darkness of the night without leaving a single trace.


Vipul Shamja, owner of a Babra-based water park was traveling to their native at Virpur along with his wife and 3 children. During this journey their car encountered a ghastly accident.


As his car was running at a high speed, Mr. Shamja failed to control his car at a very sharp turn, and the car plunged off into a natural drain with a depth of 17 feet.


Supposedly a tribal laborer working at a nearby farm saw Shamja’s car plunging into the drain. He without wasting much time plunged into the waters of the drain. He first saved the 18-month-old kid of Shamja and then went on to save another kid of Shamja aged 5 years. After saving the two, the man handed them over to a local who had reached the spot by then. Next, he saved the Shamja couple by jumping into the waters a second time.


After being saved, Shamja discovered that his daughter Mitashi aged 3 years was missing still. On hearing this, the rescuer dived into the waters a third time, but failed to trace Mitashi.


While the family was trying to cope with the shock of the incident, the rescuer silently left the scene — vanishing into the darkness of the night.


Later, their car was pulled out with the help of a crane and next the body of Mitashi too was discovered by the locals by 1 am on this Sunday. Police is looking for that unidentified savior in order to give him a reward for his act of bravery.


We are looking for him in nearby farms and orchards based on the description,” said J V Vala, assistant sub-inspector.



Source: Times of India 

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