Winter is going to make the pandemic worse

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Winter is going to make the pandemic worse

Dr VK Paul says

Wednesday, 30th September 2020

Brace yourselves because the outbreak might get worse during winter! The respiratory illness and infections tend to increase during winter. The government predicts that coronavirus infection cases might rise sharply once the winter sets in.


“The next two-three months are very important. We need to take all precautions, ensure universal use of masks, maintain social distancing, even as the festival season approaches”, Dr Vinod Paul, NITI Aayog member stated on Tuesday.

“When respiratory viruses are more dangerous, we have to make efforts to bring a decline in the number of cases”, he said.


“Winter season is seen as a breeding ground for viruses and infections. We must remember that the world is also witnessing a second peak. We are also detecting more severe forms of coronavirus cases as the season progresses.”


“This is the time for it because, during winters, respiratory infections go up and, whatever else we may say for Covid, it is, after all, a disease that affects the respiratory tract and it is well known that respiratory infections happen more during the winter season”, he added.


Although change in seasons didn’t have much effect on how the infection spread experts have opined that things might get worse during winter.


Union health secretary Rajesh Bhushan said, “We have increased our per-day testing capacity to 15 lakh. Covid-19 tests per million population have crossed 50,000. Almost 78 lakh tests were conducted in the last week”.



Source: India Today

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