Bollywood is ahead of Hollywood says Actor Madhavan

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Bollywood is ahead of Hollywood says Actor Madhavan

Nishabdham actor gives an interview to Indianexpress

Wednesday, 30th September 2020

The upcoming movie of Actor Madhavan; Nishabdham is scheduled for release on 2nd of October on the Amazon Prime. The movie is an exciting crime thriller and Hemant Madhukar is the director of the movie. The movie was supposed to get released in the month of April in theatres if not for the Covid-19 pandemic. In a quick interview with 


Actor Madhavan, who is currently shooting in Dubai for ‘Seventh Sense’, his web series, talked about his upcoming movie Nishabdham, about his life in the times of this pandemic and how he has survived during these difficult times.


The questions asked to him & the answers he gave are listed below:


What was your gut feeling when you heard the Nishabdham story for the first time?

The movie was supposed to be a silent movie where nobody was to speak and I found this concept very interesting. The story reminded me of Pushpaka (Vimana). When the story was narrated to us we however understood that mere silence will not be able to convey the message in the movie and thus, we decided to incorporate language later.  But the storyline excited me a lot. It is about a deaf and dumb character that solves a complex murder mystery. I found it quite amazing.


Give us few details about your role in the movie

My character is that of a cello player of global repute. He is emotionally wrecked after he realizes that his wife has been cheating on him. He goes about hunting for solace and while doing so comes across a character similar to Anushka’s Sakshi who too is equally wounded at heart. They both are artists. The story revolves round their coincidental meeting and events that follow after that.


Did you get the opportunity to share the screen space with Michael Madsen?

I could meet him many times in the course of the shooting and could also work with Madsen for 2-3 scenes. Unfortunately, the scenes that were shot with him were short enough despite the fact that we play friends in the movie. It was incredible to visualize how the Hollywood actors perform with respect to the actors of the B-Town. I think, truly, we are much ahead of Hollywood.


Do you think Hollywood has any idea about the kind of movies made in Bollywood?       

According to me the idea they hold is clichéd. Till date the Americans think that Bollywood movies are all about dancing about a tree but when they get to view movies such as 3 Idiots and Baahubali they get thoroughly amazed.


What was the pandemic like for you?

My experience was no different from any other. It was full of uncertainties, unrest and insecurities and wasn’t at all easier than the others. Many were uploading videos of themselves doing housework and daily chores like sweeping and cooking but I did not upload any such videos. The reason is that I understood that the pandemic is going to stay with us for quite some time now and our lifestyle needs to be like this for long.


Did you pick up any lesson from the lockdown period that you would wish to talk about?

According to me the lesson which most of us have learnt from this pandemic is that stuffs and belongings one has aren’t that important in our lives. People around us are important and personal interactions and human relationships are much more valuable when compared to any other thing. Also, another lesson that we have learnt is that negativity and meaningless anger are but the result of the stress arising from the pandemic related uncertainties.


You seem to be very balanced emotionally. Is it something that you grew up with or you acquired with age?

This attribute comes only when you expose yourself to risks. Life is easy when you fail to take risks. In that case, your gambit of learning and emotions are limited. My voracious appetite for learning has kept me emotionally balanced all through.


What is your tip for the ones who wish to stay ahead of the curve and live up to expectations?

It is the basic trait that everyone should have. I have been a witness to people who came before and after me. There are some with limited life experiences. Such people fail to respect the character they play. I too was of that kind initially but with time I gradually realized that my approach wasn’t drawing the best storytellers towards me. Post this realization, I took an off from work and came back with Breathe, Vikram Vedha, Irudhi Suttru. All of these characters are definitely Maddy 2.0. I wanted by viewers to believe and agree that ‘Oh Maddy, if he says those words, he must have said it all his life.’ Thus, the preparation that I sincerely make towards playing the characters actually helps me to stay ahead of the curve.


You are working after a pretty long gap. How are you feeling?

I am feeling lucky and happy to return to work. Also, I am quite happy about the fact that covid could not make all its prey. This keeps the flame burning.


Shooting during pandemic…does it feel different?

It is different. Freedom has vanished. Only at the time of a shot, I remove my face mask. With the mask on I am Maddy and without it I am someone different. This kind of switch-over is difficult indeed.



Source: Indian Express

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