Work from home burn out: Ways to overcome it

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Work from home burn out: Ways to overcome it

Tackle work-from-home stress using these tips!

Monday, 5th October 2020

Let’s face it! Work from home culture is stressing us all out. We need to take necessary measures to deal with this kind of burnout to maintain our mental and physical health.


Because of Covid-19 pandemic, work-from-home culture is going to be stretched and nobody knows till when! This sudden change might even become a new norm at least for a year more. And thus, getting used to the setting is the only option for us all.


Burnout is nothing but continuous stress due to which our productivity decreases greatly because we cannot function normally as a result of exhaustion.


A paper was published in PubMed Central that defines burnout as: “Some signs of burnout include feeling overwhelmed, emotionally drained, lacking energy, empty and unmotivated, and unable to meet your daily demands. You may feel an increase in irritability, notice increased conflict in your relationships, or feel like you want to crawl into your bed and never get out. You feel stuck, exhausted, and hopeless.”


Let’s look at some ways to deal with this kind of burnout.

·        Accept and acknowledge the reality

Work from home is not relaxing and that’s a fact. Employees are stretching their work hours almost every day. Some people are struggling with salary cuts and a fear of losing the job. Our personal and professional lives have now clashed. And this can be frustrating at times and drains our mental energy. Understand that this is the new normal and try to adapt to the situation for dealing with the issue in a better manner.


·        Take breaks often

There is no distinction between personal and professional life when it comes to work from home. Take breaks often while you work- say, get a cup of coffee, or take a power nap, or just do some yoga moves. These activities will relax your mind. And when you get back to work, you will be more productive as your mind remains fresh.


·        Schedule everything and stick to it

The pandemic has affected our smallest things- eating habits, sleep cycle and everything! But sticking to your schedule can save you from getting burnt out as a balance can be maintained. Have proper schedule for workouts, meals, personal care and everything else. Never disturb your sleep cycle.


·        Restrict yourself from using too much social media

Social media has a lot of disturbing content which can drain your positivity down and make you frustrated and depressed. It might also give you incorrect information on a lot of things. No doubt that it is the best platform to stay connected with your friends and family. But too much of it can stress you out mentally.



Source: Health Shots 

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