China can never equal India, opines IAF Chief Bhaduria on Eastern Ladakh standoff.

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China can never equal India, opines IAF Chief Bhaduria on Eastern Ladakh standoff.

IAF Chief confident about the strength of India with regard to Ladakh standoff

Tuesday, 6th October 2020

The Indian Air Force, said RKS Bhadauria, the Air Chief Marshall is quite "well positioned" to tackle any sort of threat from China and significantly strong deployments of the Indian force has been undertaken in the relevant zones after considering the security needs. This comment has been made while referring to the country’s standoff at the border with China in the eastern part of Ladakh.


Addressing a media meet ahead of the Air Force Day on the 8th of October Bhadauria said that Chinese air force cannot be at par with Indian air force but also said the adversary should not be underestimated. He also informed that the IAF has the needed preparedness to tackle two-front warfare along the western as well as northern borders in case a similar kind of scenario arises. "Be rest assured that we have deployed strongly to deal with any contingency," said the IAF chief when he was queried on the present situation in Ladakh’s eastern part and the possible threat to the country from China in that particular region. "We have made deployment in all relevant areas; Ladakh is a small part," he commented.


According to him, the IAF is definitely "very well positioned" to handle any sort of dubious action from China along the country’s northern border. Induction of the Rafale jets has led to an operational edge, he further said. India as well as China are tangled in a bad border standoff since the last 5 months in the eastern part of Ladakh leading to significant straining of the ties between the two countries. Despite multiple military and diplomatic meeting between the two countries to get rid of the turmoil no success has been achieved yet. India has deployed thousands of the country’s troops as well as heavy weaponry already to handle any sort of eventuality in Ladhak’s high altitude region.


IAF has deployed its major fighter jets such as Jaguar and Mirage 2000, Sukhoi 30 MKI in eastern Ladhak’s chief frontier aircraft bases lying along the LAC. The five Rafale jets fleet that has been inducted newly has been executing the sorties in the eastern part of Ladakh. Nighttime combat through air patrols has been undertaken by the IAF across eastern Ladakh in an answer to China’s readiness for dealing with any type of eventuality in the lofty mountains of Ladakh.


A slew was declared by the armies of the two countries post the September 21 military talks…it was then decided that either of the two parties will not be sending more troops to Ladakh’s frontline, will not be changing the given on-ground situation unilaterally and will not be taking any rash moves to complicate things further.



Source: NDTV

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