Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji enters the 20th year in his public office without break

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji enters the 20th year in his public office without break

The glorious career achievements of Modi ji: Few updates

Wednesday, 7th October 2020

On this Wednesday, PM Modi Ji moves into his 20th year in the public office without break. This certainly is looked upon as yet another vital milestone in the political career of a political figure whose long-lasting appeal has all the time allowing his political party to reach a pre-eminent position at national level.


The organization had drafted Narendra Modi Ji to serve as the CM of Gujarat when the party was going through discontent and a phase of instability. Three terms of his political career was made use of by Modi ji to lay as well as strengthen the foundation of the party so as to successfully present a challenge to the dominance of the Congress party at the nation’s centre.


Out of the 19 years of the continuous public office tenure of Modi ji, his second as well as current stint as India’s Prime Minister turns out to be the most prominent, as opined by the BJP Sources. His success as country’s PM has found an expression through the effective and speedy delivery on the poll related commitments and fighting the unprecedented Covid-19 related challenges.


PM Narendra Modi ji had established the foundation stone for the Ayodhya Ram Mandir on August 5th this very year, thereby fulfilling the party’s promise made through the legal means. The construction of the temple abided by Article 370’s repeal which is BJP Party’s one more signature theme, and putting a strict ban on the Muslim community’s practice of triple talaq which the party at the centre considers to be an important social reform.


The “Aatma Nirbhar Bharat” provision granting free of cost food grains to the teeming millions that are vulnerable and underprivileged and are most badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic, the country’s most fitting response to the Chinese aggression at the Line of Actual Control and the carrying out of the long-pending farm and labor sector related reform measures have also been highlighted as the star achievements made by the Nadrendra Modi ji led government.


“We have achieved all this in the face of unprecedented challenges and this is just the beginning. Just wait to see what is going to unfold once things have settled down,” commented a BJP functionary.


“The Prime Minister has ensured that the election manifesto should be adopted as a vision document for governance and promises made during the polls should be taken seriously and must be delivered,” commented a party member.


Though the tenure has witnessed the loss of Shriomani Akali Dal, an old ally that could not however stop the Prime Minister from progressing with the reforms related to the farm sector.


“Passage of the farm bill cost the alliance hugely as an old ally Shromani Akali Dal walked out. However, the PM was firm on his decision that the move was crucial to empower farmers and double farmers’ income by 2022,” said a BJP member.



Source: Times of India 

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