An attempt is being made to frame us, said brothers Hathras rape victim

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An attempt is being made to frame us, said brothers Hathras rape victim

Her kin deny the claims made by police

Thursday, 8th October 2020

The kin of the Hathras gang rape victim denied of the allegations moved by the police against them. Recently the police had said that the CDR they have obtained clearly indicates a steady communication between the main accused in the case and the victim’s brothers across the last few months prior to this ghastly incident. But, the charges were strongly despised by the rape victim’s brothers and they are now questioning the truth of the claims made on the basis of the so-called CDR.


"It is a conspiracy against us," said the elder brother of the victim on Wednesday. It is this elder brother to whom these calls were attributed to. “The killers are cunning. They can do anything to save themselves," he added. He further informed that the SIM had been purchased initially for their father 10 years back."But he would keep losing his phone. So, I used my ID to get the SIM registered in my name. The phone is always kept at home. Everyone has that one number, even the pradhan. It's the only one we have," he further said.


He said that it was his father who was using that phone. But he had never been in touch with Sandeep, the main accused in this case.


The younger brother of the rape victim too commented in this context. He said that he wishes to have the evidence supporting the police’s claim. “UP police is trying to frame us because we are poor. There is no end to our harassment … If they have records, they should have evidence. I would like to hear call recordings,” said he.


“Police are engaging in character assassination. My sister was under our supervision at all times. I have no doubt about her,” the eldest brother of the rape victim said. The victim’s younger brother while dismissing in an outright manner that she might have had telephonic conversation with the prime accused, added, “She was unlettered. She didn’t know how to dial a number. She could only receive calls.”



Source: Times of India 

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