Covid 19 Updates: Some Facts and Figures

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Covid 19 Updates: Some Facts and Figures

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Thursday, 8th October 2020

An online survey by Linkedin Workforce Confidence Index that was conducted between April and September with 16,199 Indian professionals on concerns of mental health of the current workforce due to remote working as an impact of the coronavirus pandemic, reveals that 60% Indian professionals felt lonely sometime in the course of the last few months. 37% continue to feel the same way now.


Majority employees felt that working remotely was not only slowing down their career growth, it was wreaking havoc on their work life balance. Al in all, nearly 2 in 5 professionals were under added stress due to Covid-19, as per the survey.


As per the statistics by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India’s recovery rate of Covid-19 patients is 6.3 times more than active cases. With more than 75,000 recoveries per day, the country has over 57 lakh recoveries in October as compared to 50,000 in May.


India’s count of the coronavirus affected people has reached 68,35,656, with 9,02,425 active cases and more than 1 lakh people have been reported dead because of it. As per reports from the Department of Information and Public Relations, the state of Odisha has reported as many as 3,144 new cases while the country as a whole has 78,524 new cases in last 24 hours.


Kerala now ranks third in India with its total number of active cases at 92,246, after the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Tally by the Union Health Ministry states 68,35,656 including 9,02,425 active cases, 58,27,705 cured/discharged/migrated cases & 1,05,526 deaths.


It has however, been 5 days now since India started recording less than 1,000 deaths with 974 fatalities recorded on Wednesday.


China’s role in the global spread of the deadly coronavirus is not being taken lightly especially by the President of the United States who, being discharged from a military hospital recently after having been afflicted by the virus himself, said the nation will have to “pay a big price” for this.                                


The virus has spread across the world killing 1,054,674 and infecting 36,077,017. The US continues to be the worst hit with 211,793 deaths and 7,549,429 infections.



Source: Times of India 

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