Ashwani Kumar, Ex CBI Director Commits suicide in his Shimla House

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Ashwani Kumar, Ex CBI Director Commits suicide in his Shimla House

Ashwani Kumar found dead

Friday, 9th October 2020

Ashwani Kumar, ex governor of Nagaland & Manipur and ex director; CBI was found dead on the night of Wednesday in his Shimla residence. Mohit Chawla, Shimla Superintendent of Police informed that he had killed himself and sources further reported that he was going through depression for a certain period of time. He was 69 years at the time of his death. A suicide note was recovered by the police from his house and Kumar’s family is being questioned on the same. Sanjay Kundu, DGP said that he won’t make any comments at this point of time.


A police team and also one from the Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital of Shimla rushed to the house of Mr Kumar on hearing the news.


His dead body was shifted to the Indira Gandhi Medical College by the police for post-mortem, and an inquest proceedings was initiated under section 174 of Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) at Chhota Shimla Police station.

AP Singh, retired police officer who had succeeded Mr. Kumar at CBI, told that Kumar’s death was “absolutely shocking”.


“I have worked closely with him as a special director. He was a gentleman. Never lost his temper. I always found him very pleasant, soft spoken; he never ever said a word to anybody in a raised voice,” AP Singh said about his mild-mannered predecessor at the CBI.



Source: NDTV

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