Delhi Must Stay Prepared For Nearly 15,000 Per Day Covid 19 Cases During The Winter: Report

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Delhi Must Stay Prepared For Nearly 15,000 Per Day Covid 19 Cases During The Winter: Report

NCDC Report asks Delhi to stay well prepare for winter borne covid fatality

Friday, 9th October 2020

Recently the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has warned the country capital that with the onset of winters and due to the respiratory troubles that the season can bring naturally, the number of fresh Covid-19 cases per day could shoot up to 15000 and so the capital city, Delhi needs to be prepared for it.


 Festive gatherings due to the forthcoming festivities of Duserra, Diwali, and Christmas may lead to the influx of infected patients from neighboring states and that could be one reason for this presumed spike, cautioned NCDC.


 The report was drafted by the NCDC under the mentorship of an expert group functioning under Dr VK Paul, chairman of the NITI Aayog Health wing. The report recommended that the government of Delhi must make proper hospitalization arrangements of nearly one-fifth of the infected patients with severe or even moderate rate of infection.


In its ''Revised Strategy for control of COVID-19 version 3.0'' the NCDC further stated that the net rate of COVID case fatality in Delhi stands at 1.9 percent and that is remarkably higher when compared to the 1.5 percent national average. Also, it stated that bringing down the mortality rate to this extent possible must be the chief pandemic management objective.



Source: NDTV

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