Mammoth Project by Google Anticipated to be a State of the art Facility

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Mammoth Project by Google Anticipated to be a State of the art Facility

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Monday, 12th October 2020

Google has come up with plans to build a new campus in San Jose, a sprawling facility that will be named “Downtown West”.

The gigantic campus is expected to be spread across an approximate area of 79-acre and Google intends to make it a mixed-use development as opposed to a traditional corporate campus and will have housing, parks, retail space and much more along with office space.


There are talks of housing nearly 30 buildings, 4,000 homes a hotel, a plaza for pop-up events and live screenings, at least 10 parks as well as an amphitheater that will be used by Google along with the community as a whole.


The campus would be a haven for those within with peaceful walkways to stroll through. One such walk would be called the Creekside Walk near the VTA light rail corridor and inspired by Los Gatos Creek.


There would also be something called the “Meander” that, as per Google, would be like an “urban promenade”. This area would be off limits for any kind of motor vehicles and simply have a lawn for hosting events, screenings and various other performances.


As per further reports from the search engine giant, the new campus is expected to run completely on solar or electric energy.

Besides these, however, the company will reserve much space for office buildings. As per Google’s guideline book, there will be 500,000 gross square feet for facilities like retail stores, restaurants, and cultural centers, there will also be 7.3 million gross square feet of office space.


Google also said that they intend to make the campus as free of cars as possible and thus plan to make 65% of it accessible through bicycles, public transit or simply by foot.


Final approval for Google’s proposed plan needs to be procured from the San Jose City Council, which is scheduled to consider it in Spring 2021. The entire project is expected to take at least a few years for completion after approval is granted.



Source: Gadgets Now 

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