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Change CM or give us improved posts, demand rebel faction of BJP party in Tripura

A rebellion is brewing against Tripura CM; get updates

Wednesday, 14th October 2020

Tripura CM Biplab Deb and his party BJP seems to be going through a rough patch currently as a faction of rivals in the party are demanding a larger and more significant ministerial role in the party’s present regime or a change in the party leadership.


Now, after the intervention of the BJP leaders from the Centre, how the events turn out is yet to be seen. The centre might decide on certain moves for appeasing the rival group or may chalk out some strategy to forcibly suppress the rival camp’s revolt. Interestingly most of the rivals have come over from the Congress political party into the current ruling party.


As per the party sources, nearly 8 legislators from the state of Tripura led by Sudip Roy Barman, son of ex CM of Tripura, Sudhir Roy Barman and an Agartala MLA of repute are camping against Biplab Deb and certain policies of the party since the Wednesday of last month.


This group of rebels had also met and presented their views & demands before BL Santosh, General Secretary BJP (at the organizational level) who, as per sources, has given them a word that soon somebody would be sent to Tripura to address the grievances they have.


The rebel team had reached Delhi just a couple of days after CM Deb himself was in Delhi for more than a week updating the central leaders of the BJP Party of the state’s prevalent ground situation.



Source: Times of India

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