CBI recreates the crime scene at Hathras, quizzes the kin of the victim

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CBI recreates the crime scene at Hathras, quizzes the kin of the victim

CBI Probe into Hathras case commences

Wednesday, 14th October 2020

Field investigation with regard to the Hathras case was initiated by the CBI on Tuesday. The crime scene was recreated at the very spot where the Dalit girl aged 19 years was allegedly raped and brutally tortured by a gang of four men from the upper caste. This savage incident took place a month back. After an enquiry with the local police and the family of the rape victim, the elder brother of the victim was summoned for further questionnaire for nearly 4 hours.


“The officials had taken me along to get signatures on documents for sealing the evidence they had collected from the cremation site, the can that had been left there and my sister’s slippers,” said the victim’s brother.


The CBI team of 15 members has been staying in Hathras for the last 2 days as they are investigating into the case. On Tuesday they tripped to the Chandpa Police Station where the first FIR was filed and quizzed the cops at the police station. From the police station they proceeded towards the spot of the crime and executed an intensive search operation for any type of evidence which the criminals might have forgotten. The mom and brother of the victim had been instrumental in helping the CBI recreate the crime scene. This recreation is in its primary stage and is probably based on the statements given by the girl’s mom and brother.


Sources stated that the CBI team has requested the victim’s mother, who was engaged in gathering fodder with her that morning, to reveal how far had she been from her daughter when the daughter was being allegedly gang-raped. Also, she was requested by the CBI to reveal if someone had heard the girl when she was being assaulted, who all had noticed her, in what condition and what all moves were made after that incident. The victim’s elder brother too was quizzed heavily by the CBI. The proceedings undertaken by the CBI have been captured in video.


After quizzing the mom and elder brother of the victim, the CBI officials headed for the place where the victim’s corpse was hastily cremated by cops around 2.40 am. Remains of the ashes from the corpse were collected by CBI and images were clicked.

Next, the CBI team moved towards the house of the victim and recorded the statements of the various members of her family.



Source: Times of India

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