Jewelry brand Tanishq apologizes for its controversial advert

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Jewelry brand Tanishq apologizes for its controversial advert

Tanisq bows down to public pressure and removes the ad

Thursday, 15th October 2020

Tanishq jewelry showroom in the Kutch region of Gujarat was compelled to apologize for an advert that the company had been running. The ad story was based on an inter-faith couple and a baby shower ceremony but the ad was not palatable for many and thus, the staffs of the showroom had allegedly been receiving threat calls. An employee said to the TOI: “The two persons who had barged inside on Monday were using abusive language too.”


Already the brand Tanishq is experiencing tremendous backlash by a group of users of the social media for the ad that shows an event; i.e. the baby shower ceremony of a Hindu daughter-in-law that has been organized by her Muslim in-laws.


As per the facts presented by the West Bengal Youth Congress, the store’s manager was made to write a note of apology regarding the ad.


"Apologies to people of Kutch district for hurting sentiment of Hindus by broadcasting secular advertisement (sic)," the manager of the store reportedly penned down in his note.

Soon afterwards, the ad was removed from all the social media platforms of the brand.


Meanwhile, a couple of BJP party members, including Pradipsinh Jadeja (home minister of Gujarat) and Amit Malviya (In-charge of technology national team) vehemently denied the reports of vandalism at the showroom.


“The news of an attack on a showroom in Gandhidham, Kutch …is TOTALLY FAKE. This is a motivated attempt to adversely impact the law & order & incite violence in Gujarat. I have asked to register a case & take strict action against those who spread this fake news,” posted Jadeja posted. #FakeNews had been one of the biggest trends in the country on this Wednesday, with more than 41,000 tweets.



Source: Times of India

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