People will think twice now says actor Richa Chadda to Sanket Upadhyay in an interview

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People will think twice now says actor Richa Chadda to Sanket Upadhyay in an interview

Chadda speaks on her legal action against slander

Thursday, 15th October 2020

Actor Richa Chadda took legal action against the spreading of targeted fake narratives by a fellow Bollywood actor Payal Ghosh who had made derogatory remarks against her.


A lawsuit for an amount of Rs 1.1 crore had been filed by Chadda against Ghosh and team for the damages caused to her due to their “defamatory statements’’ made during an interview given to a media channel.


The hearing of the case was scheduled in the presence of Justice Anil Menon on Monday at the Bombay high court. A virtual hearing was conducted through video-conferencing. From Chadda’s side lawyers, Saveena Bedi Sachar and Virendra Tulzapurkar fought the case but there was no legal person from the side of Ghosh and the others.


The court had then again scheduled the case for October 7.

“We will wait for the Hon'ble Court to give its judgement in the matter. We have complete faith in the system and believe that complete justice will be done,” said Chadha’s spokesperson.


Through an official statement posted on September 21st on Twitter, Chadha informed that she would be taking “appropriate legal action" against such slander. Chadda further said that despite believing the fact that the "genuinely wronged women" should definitely fight for justice, “no woman should misuse their liberties to harass other women with unsubstantiated or non-existent, false and baseless allegations.”


After her legal move, the defamers had to bow down to her and apologize. Recently Richa Chadda spoke to Sanket Upadhyay of the NDTV where she gave an exclusive interview to Upadhyay talking about how and why she managed to make Ghosh apologize.

“People will think twice before saying anything unbecoming against one another,” said Chadda.



Source: NDTV

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