Car Filled With Water, Says Hyderabad Man To His Friend Urging For Help

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Car Filled With Water, Says Hyderabad Man To His Friend Urging For Help

Man-in-car washed away by strong currents in Hyderabad, calls his friend the last time

Tuesday, 20th October 2020

A man caught in the midst of the gushing waters was seated in his car while he made the last phone call to a friend of his. Soon afterwards he was washed away and killed. This chilling incident took place in Hyderabad where intense and incessant rains have caused destructive floods. Roads, buildings are all flooded and cars are submerged. Powerful currants are washing away cars, animals and humans making the situation very critical currently.


That man had called up his friend for help and his dead body was traced on Thursday. Through the call the man has been identified as some Venkatesh Goud. During the call he had requested his friend to arrange a rescue for him as the car he was in was in the midst of strong currents. A single tree was just defending the car and stopping it from getting washed away.


"The car tyres have now gone up. The car has got filled with water," he had told his friend.

His anxious friend urged him to climb up the wall of a compound or latch himself to a nearby tree.


In reply the man said:"Yes I can see compound. But if I get out of car, I am gone (due to the strong currents). Even a tree that was stopping the car is gone now. The car is just moving away."


 "Please be brave. Nothing will happen to you," said his friend who was trying to assure him to keep up his courage but soon afterwards the friend helplessly visualized his car getting washed away.

The man’s last phone call lasted for 1 minute 44 seconds and it was a desperate appeal urging his friend to save him.


Thirty-one people were killed due to floods in Hyderabad. An infant just two-month-old was among them. At minimum of 50 deaths has occurred in Telangana so far.



Source: NDTV

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