Chirag Paswan talks to TOI telling about his plans and strategies as party leader after his father

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Chirag Paswan talks to TOI telling about his plans and strategies as party leader after his father

Chirag Paswan gives his first interview to TOI post demise of his father

Tuesday, 20th October 2020

In his interview to TOI, the first interview given to TOI post the demise of his dad, Ram Vilas Paswan , son Chirag Paswan, aged 37 years, told that he has now smothered his tears to fulfill the responsibilities he has as the LJP party leader and also to fulfill the dreams of his dad to make the LJP gain political supremacy in the state of Bihar. While speaking to Piyush Tripathi of TOI, Chirag Paswan informed about late Ram Vilas Paswan’s last words, the polls strategies and the reason behind the tussle between LJP and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.


When asked about his father’s last words, Chirag said: “I think he could foresee things and kept preparing me mentally for this day. I remember one thing clearly that he told me in the hospital, never to be scared of walking alone if my thoughts and intentions are right. He said he also started his political journey alone with only his brothers, who used to paste posters in his support during elections and he told me to always keep the family together. ”


When asked about his dad’s ideals that inspire him, Chirag said: “Everything, whatever I am today, every bit of it, right from my personality, attitude and thinking process, everything is inspired by him. I am the moon and he is the sun, I reflect whatever he emits.”


When asked about his election strategy in the absence of his dad’s guidance Chirag said: “This election for me is a platform to fulfil my father’s dreams. He wanted me to go alone and LJP to contest against Nitish Kumar Ji. He was very clear that we have to step forward for the development of the state, through ‘Bihar First, Bihari First’ vision. He also believed that Nitish Kumar Ji couldn’t deliver in the last 15 years and mostly thought about saving his chair.”


When asked about his election opponents, JD (U) & BJP, Chirag said: “It is difficult without my father but he has made me strong enough to fight all odds. It doesn’t matter much if we are fighting against JD (U) as there is huge anti-incumbency against them and people’s anger against the CM is going to be reflected during voting. We are still in alliance with BJP nationally and I still believe the next government will be formed by BJP-LJP.”


When asked about the rift between their party and Nitish Kumar: “He was disrespectful to my father. It started during Rajya Sabha election after the 2019 general election. Though it was clearly announced by all three NDA constituents in New Delhi that the first RS seat will be given to Ram Vilas Paswan Ji. But on the day of nomination, we got a call from a senior BJP functionary that CM is not aware of this decision of RS seat to Ram Vilas Paswan Ji. His behaviour was very humiliating and it was not acceptable to me as a son. On top of this, he (Nitish) said a few days ago that Papa did not go to RS with only two MLAs, this is the most insensitive thing he could have said for someone who won with record votes.”


Several other questions were asked to Chirag Paswan to assess his current political stance and this interview was definitely a very crucial one.



Source: Times of India 

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