Farm laws: AAP MLAs sit in dharna at the Punjab State Assembly

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Farm laws: AAP MLAs sit in dharna at the Punjab State Assembly

Aam Aadmi Party MLAs protest over not getting copies of the farm bill

Wednesday, 21st October 2020

The MLAs of the Aam Aadmi Party had spent the night in the Punjab Assembly asking for the farm bill copies. The Congress government of the state is likely to introduce the bill on this Tuesday.


The opposition on this Monday criticized the government of Punjab for not putting forth a bill for countering the newly framed farm laws of the Centre on Day 1 of a special state assembly session. This special session was marked by a ‘dharna’ in the Assembly house by the MLAs of the AAP.


Earlier, Manpreet Singh Badal, the Finance and Acting Parliamentary Affairs Minister stated that the government of the state is in discussion with the constitutional experts regarding the issue pertaining to the legislation for countering the newly made farm laws.


Even post the session’s adjournment on the Monday afternoon, AAP MLAs sat on dharna, demanding strongly the copies of the Farm Bill for countering the enactment of the legislation by the Union Government.


In the late hours of the night Harpal Cheema; AAP leader said: “We will sit here through the night and continue the protest as we are yet get copies of this and other Bills to be tabled during the session…AAP will support the legislation against the farm laws but the government should have given us its copies. We haven''t got copies of other bills as well. How can our legislators discuss and debate important issues?”


Earlier, the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker and the officials from the Vidhan Sabha tried to persuade the AAP MLAs to put an end to their protest but in vain.


A group of party delegates met Rana K P Singh; the Speaker at evening and expressed their annoyance over not receiving copies of the Farm Bills likely to be tabled in the State assembly. In the words of the SAD leaders it was but a "murder of democracy".


"The entire Punjab is watching what the government is doing. The legislation to counter the Centre''s farm laws should have been the first business of the House," said a prominent SAD leader.



Source: Times of India

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