Top 10 covid 19 live updates for 29th October

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Top 10 covid 19 live updates for 29th October

Covid-19 India status

Friday, 30th October 2020

Covid-19 Top 10 live updates for the day are as follows…Check out to keep track of the pandemic’s current status. Read below:

10:56 (IST), OCT 29

Covid-19 tally of the Andamans was pushed to 4, 289 with 15 new covid cases adding to the existing figures.


10:20 (IST), OCT 29

Telangana has recorded about 1,504 fresh cases of Covid-19, about 1,436 patient recoveries and about 5 deaths on the 28th of October, taking the total case load to 2,35,656 and those figures included about 2,16,353 recoveries, about 1,324 deaths and about 17,979 active covid cases: said the State health department; government of Telangana.


10:16 (IST), OCT 29

The load of Covid-19 cases in India goes beyond the 80-lakh mark on this Thursday with about 49, 881 fresh cases.


09:29 (IST), OCT 29

A total of 10, 65, 63,440 samples were tested for Covid until the 28th of October. Of these samples nearly 10, 75,760 samples were given for testing for covid yesterday: said the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)


09:24 (IST), OCT 29

With about 49,881 fresh Covid infections, total cases in India spiked to about 80, 40,203. With 517 fresh deaths, the toll jumps to about 1, 20,527: Government


08:57 (IST), OCT 29

Russian Sputnik-V vaccine trials in India may come to an end in March 2021: Dr Reddy's


06:34 (IST), OCT 29

State of Mizoram records the first covid-caused death.


05:33 (IST), OCT 29

Restrictions on the international flights are extended until the 30th of November


00:38 (IST), OCT 29

Jharkhand recorded the 345 fresh Covid cases, 452 patient discharges/recoveries and 4 deaths on this Wednesday, reports the ANI


20:36 (IST), OCT 28

Maharashtra records 6,738 fresh Covid cases, taking the tally of the state to about 16,60,766, reports the ANI.



Source: Times of India 

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