Goa government charges JSW Rs 156 crore fine following the case of coal transportation

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Goa government charges JSW Rs 156 crore fine following the case of coal transportation

Goa government slaps fine on JSW

Thursday, 26th November 2020

For having ignored two reminders as well as a hearing, the government of Goa has fined the JSW Steel Limited more than Rs 156 crore towards the CESS that was unpaid under the Goa Rural Improvement and welfare CESS Act of 2001, following the transportation of coal. As per the notice from the government sent on the 9th of November, the company needs to pay the charged fine by the 24th of November.


The rules specified in the Act declare that all those who own “carrier transporting material” is supposed to make payment of a CESS under the schedule I, with the funds moving towards the rural improvement. The government of Goa has made an estimation of the net cost and has found out that the cost is Rs 50 for each ton for coal transportation for 3, 12, 69,986 metric ton of the coal that’s transported via the Mormugao Port Trust to Karnataka’s plant between the time period of the month of July, 2014 and the month of July, 2018, the notice read.

According to the officials, the first of the notice in this respect was issued on the 9th of September, 2020 and the second of the notices was issued on the 29th of September. Both the notices did not elicit any response. Also, the company did not appear in the case’s hearing and on the 13th of October later the company requested for some more time showing the limitations pertaining to the covid-19 pandemic.


“Whereas under Section 3(1), the Cess payable under the Act shall be assessed and collected, in the case of materials/items extracted or generated within the State, at the point of its extraction /generation/starting, as the case may be, for transportation. In any other case, the Cess shall be assessed and collected at the entry point in the State or such other point as may be notified by the Government,” read the notice.

South Margao office of Transport has sent the letter to the Bombay head office of the JSW Steel Limited.



Source: Indian Express

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