Status of the Covid 19 Vaccine Now

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Status of the Covid 19 Vaccine Now

Coronavirus vaccine updates

Thursday, 26th November 2020

AstraZeneca and Oxford University share their findings on AZD1222, their coronavirus vaccine.

As per trials that are still underway in Brazil and UK, the vaccine’s potential to bring down the occurrence of Covid-19 in those administered with it, is largely based on the combination of doses that are used. As per the test results received so far, an individual who receives half a dose of the vaccine followed by a full dose after a month, has a 90% lesser chance of contracting the symptomatic Covid-19. However, in those cases where the vaccine was given in two full doses with a month’s gap between each dose, the chances were seen to drop to 62%.


The former combination of a lower-higher dose thus comes across as a much more lucrative proposal for countries that need to cater to a larger population because it means a larger number of people can benefit from the very limited supply of vaccines available.

The cause of the greater efficacy of a lower dose is yet to be explained as experts await further data on the subject.


AZD1222 Vs Covishield

Covishield that is being developed by India’s SII, is at an advanced stage of human trials currently. However, whether they are doing their trials with varied doses like AZD1222, is unclear.


As per a US-based vaccine expert, if SII is doing a two full dose experiment, it might also come up with a 60% efficacy reading. This however, will be enough for it to gain an approval from the Indian drug regulator which is only looking for an efficacy of 30-50% of a covid-19 vaccine.


When can Indians expect to receive the vaccine

As per SII, although it has stockpiled nearly 40 million doses of the vaccine, it will be available to priority groups alone that includes the elderly and frontline workers. The general population will have access to it by April. While they plan to ramp up production to almost double, experts warn that lack of sufficient trained personnel to administer the vaccine to a large population might be a cause of concern.



Source: Indian Express

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