5 Interesting Xiaomi Devices Not Available in India Yet

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5 Interesting Xiaomi Devices Not Available in India Yet

Xiaomi devices yet to come to India

Thursday, 3rd December 2020

5 Interesting Xiaomi Devices Not Available in India Yet 

Xiaomi devices yet to come to India…

December 1, 2020 9:09:40 am

In India, Xiaomi is perceived as just a mobile phone brand. However, it is much more than that in China and some of the products it manufactures, although might never make an appearance here, is worth taking a look at.

  1. Xiaomi’s internet refrigerators

As these are connected to the internet, you can check for recipes, watch videos or listen to music. Its AI features enable it to be controlled with human voice and also has a touchscreen display. It even allows one to order fresh foods that can be then home delivered.

  1. Smart jacket with a heater

This smart and affordable jacket comes with high-quality white goose down to keep out cold wind and one can also control the temperature within. These are waterproof and can provide warmth for long hours as they use a power bank to give continuous heating.

  1. Xiaomi transparent Bluetooth speaker

Although Xiaomi speakers are available in India, the transparent variety is yet to make its presence felt here. With a 21.5 inch display behind an AR-coated high transmittance glass panel, one can see the lyrics of the song that is playing in an aesthetic floating display. It delivers 40W output and supports full HD resolution. It comes with a backlight, has three tuning modes and a special control for different musical genres.

  1. Xiaomi foldable fan

This can be folded three times and is very portable. The fan also doubles up as an air humidifier and its head can be maneuvered in two directions up to 120-degree angles and in the other two by up to 360 degrees. It can even help give out cooler air by spraying 1-5micron water mist in a room. It comes with a remote but can also be controlled through an LED display on the device.

  1. Xiaomi Mi smart curtain

It is, as they call, a ‘smart’ world we live in today and there is a sizeable number who believe in actually living smart. This curtain that comes with a 3-meter bar and an integrated motor is a great buy for those who like everything smart in their homes.

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