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Happiness Balloon Lesson You’ll not be happy if you just look for your own

A wise lesson on happiness from a wise tutor

Friday, 11th December 2020

Happiness Balloon Lesson: You’ll not be happy if you just look for your own

A wise lesson on ‘happiness’ from a wise tutor


December 11, 2020

A simple but significantly profound tale was shared across social media asking one to meditate on whether the life is being spent the way it should be. This lesson was offered by some anonymous teacher to students and the initiative has actually been of help to many down the ages. This story was circulated by a YouTube channel, titled Yours Wisely.

The story is as follows:


Once upon a time, a wise tutor instructed her students to inflate all the balloons she had brought to the school. Also, she instructed each student to pen down his/her name in any one balloon. Once it was all done the tutor mixed up all the balloons and tossed them up so that the students fail to trace that one balloon that has their respective names written on it. Only 5 minutes were allotted to each student to let them get hold of the balloon with the name written on it. But, despite trying hard none of the students could find the balloon that had their name.


The tutor next asked her students to choose the balloon that was just nearby and then offer it to the fellow student whose name it had. In below 2 minutes, each student was having the balloon with their name written on it.

The tutor at the end of the activity told her students, “These balloons are like the balloons of happiness. We won’t find our happiness if we’re only searching for our own. However, if we care about other’s happiness…it will ultimately help us find our own.”


The message conveyed through the story is that if we are searching for our own happiness, we’ll perhaps never be able to get it. However, if we are caring for the happiness and emotions of others, we’ll definitely find our own happiness.


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