Latest Updates on Covid-19

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Latest Updates on Covid-19

India Covid-19 Cases: In the last 24 hours, about 137 covid-triggered deaths were recorded from various corners of the country, raising the death toll to 1, 52,556.

Tuesday, 19th January 2021

India’s count of daily Covid-19 cases was at its lowest in the past 24 hours with 10,064 fresh cases reported. Of the 1.05 crore cases recorded since the onset of the pandemic, there have already been 1.02 crore recoveries. The figures show a positive trend as the country enters its fourth day of the massive vaccination drive, flagged off by PM Narendra Modi on Jan 16.

With 137 deaths in the last 24 hours, India recorded the lowest number of single-day deaths by the virus since May 23. The total death toll now stands at 1,52,556.

Updates on the inoculation drive from government sources show an adverse reaction in 580 cases with 7 hospitalizations since the beginning of the drive.

Phase one of the exercise aims at inoculating 3 crore frontline workers. Bharat Biotech's Covaxin and Serum Institute of India's Covishield are the two vaccines approved by DGCI.

India has received accolades from neighboring countries as well as the UK for this monumental drive.

Out of the 5 states comprising of the highest number of cases (Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu), Andhra Pradesh has reported the lowest number of new cases in the last 24 hours.

As per the Centre’s directives, big states are to hold vaccinations four times a week, while small states are to have them twice.

According to a probe conducted by a WHO team in China seeking the origin of the virus, the country could have taken more appropriate and quicker steps against Covid-19 when it first surfaced there.

Health Ministry data shows India has had more than 18.78 crore samples tested to date, its first case having been reported from Kerala on January 30.

On the global front, 9.55 crore people have got infected by the virus and more than 20 lakh people have been reported dead due to it.

In the past year, the United States of America has recorded over 2.4 crore cases of Covid-19. The new President-elect Joe Biden who is all set to take office this week has said tackling the virus will be the new administration’s first priority.

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