A skincare routine made simple

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A skincare routine made simple

Easy way to take care of your skin on a regular basis: Step-by-step guide by Dr. Aparna Santhanam

Monday, 25th January 2021

Healthy skin definitely adds to your beauty and to have and maintain healthy skin you need to follow a skincare routine consistently. But, often that’s the last thing we can find time for. Our hectic day-to-day schedules often leave us with no time for our skin and that makes us suffer from guilt pangs every time we see ourselves in the mirror. However, Dr. Aparna Santhanam (Skin Expert at ITC Charmis) suggests that skincare can be simplified, made more consistent & manageable provided one follows few steps perfectly. She goes on to provide a step-by-step skincare guide to make things easy for us.

“Skincare routine planning is often perceived to be a daunting task, which is why it’s important to have a fair assessment of one’s requirements. The first step towards getting a good skincare routine is to make an effort to understand the ingredients, decide your budget, and most importantly choose well-researched hero products. I recommend going for products that are all-rounders for e.g. a serum is a multi-purpose product that can easily eliminate the need for a hydrator or moisturizer, is more efficacious and budget-friendly. This apart, skincare is an inside-out job, so make sure to stay hydrated and positive, your inner radiance invariably reflects on your face”, states Dr. Aparna

Get organized

Identify the skin issues you have before chalking out a daily skincare routine for yourself. You must know your skin type and your skin problems before addressing them through a skincare routine.

Make the right product choices

Use the right products or else you may end up exacerbating the issue. For instance, those with acne-prone skin must use cosmetics containing Salicylic Acid while those with dry skin must use cosmetics containing Hyaluronic Acid.

Fix a budget

Choose skincare products as per your budget. Opting for out-of-budget, pricey products can make it difficult for you to stick to those products in the long term.

Choose all-rounders

Opt for Hero Skincare Products. Try to avoid using products that are meant to address only one purpose or issue. Try to invest in all-rounder skincare products like serums instead of moisturizers for instance.

Think positive

Try to stay positive as stress can have an adverse effect on your skin and nullify the good results your skincare routine could have brought you otherwise. A happy mind can actually lead to happy skin. So, keep that in mind.

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