Farmer Tractor Rally Abandoned As Violence Breaks Out in National Capital

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Farmer Tractor Rally Abandoned As Violence Breaks Out in National Capital

Farmer tractor rally stops in the midst of chaotic violence that breaks out all of a sudden; learn more

Thursday, 28th January 2021

On the 72nd Republic Day, the nation’s capital was faced with unparalleled disarray as the tractor rally by protesting farmers went off course and into the Iconic Mughal-era Red Fort in the Old City, killing one in an accident, as per the police.

Violence broke out as farmers entered Delhi before the scheduled hour breaking barricades and then later entering the forecourt of the fort, climbing its ramparts and hoisting a religious flag outside.

Some Other Key Developments

States of Punjab and Haryana put under high alert and the internet has been suspended in many parts of Delhi, UP and Haryana, as Union Minister Amit Shah decided to deploy extra-parliamentary forces after a high-level meeting on Tuesday.

The Kisan Mazdoor Sngharsh Committee refused to adhere to the preordained route and time set by the police and early on Tuesday morning, they entered Delhi by the thousands breaking barriers.

According to police reports, major violence broke out near the police HQ in central Delhi and a protestor got killed when a tractor overturned. Soon a clash erupted between the police and the protestors resulting in a bus getting vandalized, police resorting to the use of teargas, and the Delhi Metro shutting the gates at several stations.

A total of 8 buses and 17 private vehicles were destroyed when farmers drove tractors out of the designated course. Police have 15 cases as of ow stating nearly 86 police personnel has been injured in the violence.

As per an all-India farmer’s group Samyukt Kisan Morcha, this was intended to be a peaceful rally but was infiltrated by anti-social elements. They ordered the participants to immediately return to the protest sites outside the capital and called off the rally.

As per the designated schedule, the rally was to enter the city only at 11.30 am when the Republic Day parade concluded. It was to be held over 60-odd-km stretches near the Singh, Tikri, and Ghazipur borders.

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