Effective Diabetes Management Tips

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Effective Diabetes Management Tips

Nutritionist Munmun Garewal gives tips for the management of diabetes, get updates

Thursday, 28th January 2021

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder consisting of very high levels of sugar in your blood. It has acquired the dimension of a pandemic and one out of two people is a diabetic. As per the layman’s belief, people who consume sugar tend to be diabetic. However, the reality is that ‘diabetes’ is a kind of lifestyle issue and is triggered by an “unhealthy lifestyle”, as stated by reputed nutritionist Munmun Garewal through a post on Instagram. Thus, by making few lifestyle changes one can easily manage diabetes. Explaining what one can do to prevent the onset of the issue, she listed out some simple measures to include into the everyday routine. Read on to learn more:

Make lifestyle Tweaks

Switch to a healthy lifestyle to manage this lifestyle disease. In this context, Munmun Garewal wrote: “Let’s get this straight first: diabetes is not caused by eating sweets or consuming sugar. It is really a ‘lifestyle disease’ i.e. the consequence of following an unhealthy lifestyle. Adopt appropriate lifestyle changes that focus on eating right, exercising consistently, and regulating bed timings.”

Exercise the glucose away

The American Diabetes Association instructs you to exercise for about 150 minutes per week. Strength training exercises like structured strength training and progressive strength training can boost insulin sensitivity and thus, help in effective diabetes management.

Consume the Diabetes Diet

Avoid processed carbs such as muffins, cookies, etc. Also, add healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, and coconut oil to your diet. Healthy fats can cause the glycemic index of any food to drop and that makes the food diabetes-friendly. The incorporation of protein in the diet too causes the insulin sensitivity of your food to go up. So, try to eat protein-rich food items such as dal, eggs, meat, milk, etc.

The necessity of Good Sleep

If you don’t sleep adequately or have odd sleeping hours, it may trigger malfunctioning of your body’s natural ‘biological’ clock thereby disturbing the frequency and normalcy of several biological processes in your body such as the secretion of the insulin hormone. This leads to diabetes eventually.


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