Saudi Arabia Bans Incoming Flights from 20 Countries Including India

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Saudi Arabia Bans Incoming Flights from 20 Countries Including India

Strict ban on incoming flights imposed by Saudi Arabia: Learn More on the Flight Ban

Thursday, 4th February 2021

Saudi Arabia has announced they will ban the entry of people from as many as 20 countries that includes India, in order to check the soaring coronavirus tally in the country.

The Interior Ministry of the country has said there will be a temporary suspension of flights that will be put to effect from Wednesday, 9 am (1800 GMT), as per their official press agency. There will, however, be an exception given to diplomats, Saudi citizens, and health workers who will be allowed entry into the Kingdom.

Other countries on the prohibited list include Britain, Italy, Portugal, France, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, and Switzerland, Pakistan, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, and South Africa.

According to the latest figures posted by the country, they have recorded 368,000 Covid-19 cases and 6,400 deaths. The daily number of cases however had come down from 5,000 in June 2020 to 100 at the beginning of January. The numbers have again go ne up with 310 cases reported on Tuesday alone.

There was also a vaccination drive that the country had launched in December with its first consignment of shots supplied by Pfizer – BioNTech.

India has also said it would extend its suspension on scheduled international commercial flights till February 28, 2021. This however excludes flights specifically approved by the DGCA and international cargo operations.

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, India had suspended all scheduled international passenger services since March 23 last year. They have been operating only a handful of international flights since May under the Vande Mataram mission, and from July under a bilateral “air bubble” arrangement it had entered into with certain nations.

The air bubble pacts were signed between India and 24 other countries that include the US, the UK, the UAE, Kenya, Bhutan, and France.

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