Exercises To Do During The Various Phases of The ‘Periods’

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Exercises To Do During The Various Phases of The ‘Periods’

Work-outs to perform during the Menstrual Cycles; Get informed

Friday, 5th February 2021

Exercising during the monthly periods is often avoided by many women as there are many fallacies associated with exercising during that phase. However, there is no research-backed reason as to why you shouldn’t exercise during your ‘periods’. Therefore, if you feel energetic and fit physically there’s no reason for you to avoid exercising.

 But, if you experience a drop in your energy levels during the periods and feel like resting all the time, then don’t force yourself to exercise. Generally, women with low blood pressure issues and those who are anemic tend to feel weak during their periods. In that case, it is best to avoid exercises during the periods. Experts from the reputed fitness platform ‘Sweat’ recently shared a few types of exercises on Instagram that could be practiced during the ‘periods’.

"Emerging research shows hormonal fluctuations throughout the whole menstrual cycle can actually have a range of effects on energy levels and exercise performance. This means when scheduling your workouts, it's worth taking into account where you are at in your cycle and how this might affect your training," the experts wrote in the Insta post caption.

Being regular at exercising is believed to have multiple health benefits. Regular exercise can bring about regularity in your periods and can also minimize menstrual cramps.

Low-intensity steady-state (LISS) exercises are effective exercises to be done during the periods, The LISS exercises include light strength training and cardio exercises or some kind of yoga or light stretching exercises. These exercises can prove to be effective in lessening muscular tension. Brisk walking to help in elevating the level of overall fitness during the periods.

Menstrual Cycle’s follicular phase starts with Day 1 of your monthly periods and closes with ovulation. The stage typically spans across day 1 and day 11 of periods. During this time, the estrogen levels of your body shoot up as your body gets ready to ovulate; i.e. release an ovum or egg and that leads to a sudden spike in the energy levels. So, exercises like high-intensity strength training exercises and interval training are ideal for this particular phase of your menstrual cycle.

After the follicular phase, comes the Ovulatory phase. The middle of the monthly cycle marks the ovulatory phase; i.e. around the 12th Day. Apart from high estrogen levels during this phase too, levels of other hormones like the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and the luteinizing hormone (LH) also rise. Thus, you tend to have very high energy levels.

So, any form of strenuous exercises may be done during this phase. Jogging, running, cycling are some types of exercises you could do during this phase.

Next is the Luteal phase. This continues up to 14 days and comes to an end only with the next periods. Pilates, Yoga, and low-intensity cardio exercises are ideal for this phase of the monthly cycle. Yoga can ease the PMS Syndrome while Pilates can ease muscular tensions.

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