Deep Sidhu arrested!

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Deep Sidhu arrested!

Deep Sidhu accused in Republic Day Red Fort Violence case has been arrested, police informed…

Tuesday, 9th February 2021

Charges of fanning the violence at Delhi’s Red Fort complex on the Republic Day during the tractor rally of the farmers have been proved against the Actor and activist Deep Sidhu and he has been arrested in this regard, informed the police today.

A reward of 1 Lakh was announced by the police for any leads on Sidhu and on three others who are accused in this case.  During the chaos at the Red Fort on the 26th of January, the farmers’ tractor rally went rogue with the protesters breaking the agreed routes as well as schedules and forcibly making their way into the complex of the Red Fort.

Protesters during the clash were spotted climbing up the historic Red Fort ramparts and posting a religious flag of the Sikhs, besides entering into a tussle with the police force in the broadly condemned event of violence. To check the chaos that was only picking up pace, police had to resort to lathi-charge and tear gas.

Deep Sidhu, aged 36, was engaged in sharing videos on the social media platform of Facebook in an attempt to defend himself even as the crime branch of Delhi police searched for him. The videos from Sidhu were uploaded to the social media site by Sidhu’s friend from abroad, said the police sources.

Deep Sidhu has proved himself a controversial entity in the protest of the farmers and has been blamed by the farmer groups of trying to derail their move and steering a kind of "conspiracy" against the farmers.

The actor tried to retort saying, "If I'm being labeled a gaddar (traitor), then all farmer leaders are gaddars."

Delhi Police force filed nearly 44 cases and has arrested nearly 122 people so far. Many union leaders of the farmer group have been mentioned in the cases.


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