India, An Important Partner in Indo-Pacific, Says USA

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India, An Important Partner in Indo-Pacific, Says USA

USA calls India one of their vital partners in the Indo-Pacific belt, Learn more…

Wednesday, 10th February 2021

Calling India one of its most important partners in the Indo-Pacific region, the Biden administration said on Tuesday that it welcomed India’s emergence as a leading world power and acknowledged its role as a net security provider in the region. The statement was given by State department spokesperson Ned Price to reporters at his daily news conference.

Earlier on Tuesday, Price said, secretary of state Tony Blinken spoke with his Indian counterpart, external affairs minister, S Jaishankar. This was the second occasion that they spoke in less than a fortnight.

In the course of the call, the two leaders discussed matters that were of mutual concern along with the current state of affairs in Myanmar. Blinken stated the American concern over the military coup as well as the priority they gave to the rule of law and the democratic process in Myanmar.

They also asserted the strength of the Indo-US partnership and discussed at length on matters of regional developments that encompassed the value of US-India cooperation across the Indo-Pacific.

Price said, “Both sides look forward to expanding regional cooperation, including through the Quad, and to address the challenges of Covid and climate change.”

In response to a question put to him, Price said the US-India Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership is broad as well as multi-faceted. He added, the country will continue in its endeavor to “deepen cooperation on many fronts” and will thus engage at the top levels of their government. He expressed his confidence that the “strong and upward trajectory” of this partnership will continue.

The two countries, said Price, work in close cooperation on various levels of both diplomatic and security issues. These include defense, non-proliferation, regional cooperation in indo-pacific counterterrorism, peacekeeping, health, education, the environment, technology, agriculture, space, and oceans.

We also work closely in international organizations, and we welcome India joining the Security Council in the last month of this year for a two-year term," Price said.

With the total bilateral trade between India and the US going up to USD146 billion in 2019, the US continues to be India’s most important trading partner.

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