Great Encouragement: Industrialists like Anand Mahindra, Sajjan Jindal appreciate PM Modi’s encouraging words for the entrepreneurs

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Great Encouragement: Industrialists like Anand Mahindra, Sajjan Jindal appreciate PM Modi’s encouraging words for the entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are happy with the encouraging words that came from the PM for them…learn more…

Thursday, 11th February 2021

Yesterday PM Narendra Modi had paid fervent tributes on the floor of the Parliament to the private enterprises of the country and that has earned him both praise as well as gratitude from a group of the Indian entrepreneurs who were pretty happy about the motivating comments that came from the PM. One of the industrialists also remarked that the cheering comments of the PM on the industry just arrived during a "fragile time".

Addressing the parliament’s lower house, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji yesterday explored the part played by the private sector of the country in enhancing the lives of people of the country and also serving humanity. He stated that with the changing time's entrepreneurs have become abler and are no longer eyed with suspicion.

"If the country needs the public sector, the role of the private sector is also as important...If India is of any use to humanity today, our private sector has had a big role in it," said PM Modi in his address to the Lok Sabha.

"We must have faith in our youth. If we keep beating them and running them down, and discourage any private activity, this culture won't help anymore now," he stated, highlighting that "wealth creators are also important for the nation".

He further focused on how the encouragement in the matter of cell phone manufacturing had allowed smartphones to come within the reach of the poor. Competition in the realm of telecom, he opined, had paved the way for data charges dropping to the lowest prices globally.

PM’s words, later partially shared on Twitter, made quite a number of people excessively happy. Renowned industrialists were among them.

"Welcome words of encouragement at a fragile time for private enterprise due to the pandemic. Now we have to live up to the expectations...both in performance & governance," remarked Anand Mahindra (Chairman of the Mahindra Group)

Sajjan Jindal, JSW chief stated that this is perhaps the first time a Prime Minister of the Country had "publicly shared his respect for the Indian entrepreneurs".  

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