Kids, Vaayu, and Corona: Comic Book That Informs About Covid Vaccines

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Kids, Vaayu, and Corona: Comic Book That Informs About Covid Vaccines

Children’s comic book on Covid and vaccination for covid has been issued by the Union Health Ministry; Learn More

Friday, 12th February 2021

In a unique bid to provide knowledge to the children about Covid-19 vaccines, the Union Health Ministry of the Indian Government has issued a very informative and interesting comic book that offers all relevant info on vaccine development and the way the vaccine could be supplied to the public safely. The comic’s previous edition was published in 2020 and through that book, info was offered regarding the outbreak and the measures to keep safe.

This unique graphic novel comes with the title 'Kids, Vaayu & Corona: Rise of Vaccine and Fall of Corona'. The central character in the novel is ‘Vaayu’, a superhero who arrives here to impart education to the children regarding the vaccine’s varied aspects. The issues showcased range from the vaccine types, the antibodies, the vaccine trial process, safety concerns related to vaccination, registration for getting vaccinated, and the like.

Vaayu also brings to light the fact that two covid vaccines have received approval already in the country but also gives the information that they would be administered on the basis of priority groups and also repeatedly provides the info to the children that precautions pertaining to covid-19 infection need to be undertaken at every point.

On the website of the Union Health Ministry, you can get the comic and it is available for download. Dr. Ravindra Khaiwal (Additional Professor of Environmental Health- PGIMER- Chandigarh) and Dr. Suman Mor (Associate Professor and Chairperson, Department of Environment Studies, Punjab University) have jointly conceptualized as well as have written the comic.

"Most of the discussion these days is centering around Coronavirus vaccines. Coronavirus has become a cause of concern for kids as they cannot comprehend the new normal. The parent should talk to them and resolve their queries so that the children do not panic. The comic also aims to clear the doubts about vaccines to enhance their acceptance among the general public for prevention and control of COVID-19," stated Dr. Mor during an interview given to NDTV.

Also, other informative infographic booklets are being issued by the Ministry for creating better awareness among the people regarding Covid-19 vaccines and for reducing the hesitancy pertaining to vaccination. This Thursday, Dr. VK Paul (NITI Aayog member and Chairman of National Expert Committee on Vaccine Administration) released an informative booklet with the title ‘Covid-19 Prevention: Role of Residential Welfare Associations (RWA)'.

In the booklet, various topics pertaining to the role of the RWAs in the covid-19 vaccination program have been discussed in detail.

Dr. Suneela Garg (Advisor to ICMR and Director Professor of Community Medicine at the Maulana Azad Medical College; Delhi) is one of the co-authors of this booklet. She states: "RWAs can help address vaccine hesitancy. There are so many myths and so much misinformation on social media. RWAs can address these rumors. They can take the news by verifying the facts from government sources and then disseminating the right information on their internal communication mediums- Whatsapp groups or display banners at prominent places in the residential society".


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