Corpses of 2 girls found in a UP field, third one badly injured

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Corpses of 2 girls found in a UP field, third one badly injured

2 girls dead and 1 injured in UP…Get more updates on the case

Thursday, 18th February 2021

Bodies of two girls were found last evening in UP’s Unnao, reported the police today, further adding that another girl too was found along with them and was in a critically injured state. The two corpses along with the injured one were found in a field. The injured girl has been hospitalized. The girls were aged 16 years, 13 years and 17 years. They had gone to fetch fodder for their animals on the Wednesday afternoon but didn’t return until late evening. It is then that their family started searching for them. After a frantic search, they came across the girls lying still and unconscious in a field.


The girls were cousins in relation. They were tied up tightly with clothes, claim the family members. As soon as they were found, they were rushed to the hospital. After medical examination, two girls were announced ‘dead’ while the oldest one was moved to a Kanpur hospital for treatment. Autopsy of the dead bodies of the two younger girls is likely to be undertaken today. According to the doctors, the symptoms were probably of poisoning, said the police officials.

Six police teams are investigating the case. Also, a dog squad has been summoned to the crime scene. Anand Kulkarni, Superintendent of Police stated that a huge quantity of foam was spotted at the place where the three girls were lying. The family members denied of any enmity with anyone.

"We started a search after the girls didn't return home for hours and found them tied up in the field, unconscious," remarked the brother of one of the victims. Another relative further added that they became tensed when the three girls failed to return home by the late evening."We called out their names in the field but no one answered. Later we found them on our own field. We can't accuse anyone as we did not have any enmity with anyone," she stated.

Police officer Anand Kulkarni hopes that many unanswered questions will probably be answered with the arrival of the autopsy report.

"We are investigating the matter and questioning people," said Mr Kulkarni.


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