The government is trying to mend its mistakes towards Assam; said, PM Modi

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The government is trying to mend its mistakes towards Assam; said, PM Modi

PM is making efforts to develop the North Eastern state of Assam; learn more…

Friday, 19th February 2021

PM Modi recently declared that he is currently engaged in rectifying the "historical mistake" that has been committed by the Indian government since the Independence of neglecting the state of Assam, as he meted out to the state a massive bouquet of varied development projects costing nearly ? 10,000 crores prior to the assembly elections.

The PM also added that the double engine governments of the BJP both at the centre as well as in the state of Assam have been instrumental in reducing the cultural and geographical distances between the country and the northeast Indian state of Assam.

"Prior to Independence, Assam enjoyed a high per-capita income but since 1947 its development was neglected. Correcting the historical mistake of neglecting Assam had begun with former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, and now it has gained strength with the BJP government taking its development as a priority," said Modi Ji.

Earlier the PM had released a development venture offensive in the run-up to Assam polls on the 7th February when he had initiated as well as offered to the country’s infrastructural projects consisting of ? 9,310 crores.

The PM virtually started the ? 3,231 crores "Mahabahu Brahmaputra" development project this Thursday, which consists of the setting up of an inland type water terminal at the Jogighopa and the tourist jetties at locations such as Neamati, Jogighopa, Biswanat ghat and Pandu.

PM Modi stated that developing the waterway connectivity is part of this project and is expected to turn out as an alternative route for connecting northeast with the rest of India and also the neighbouring countries.

"The Brahmaputra is not just a river, it is the manifestation of the great saga of the north east's ethnic diversity and the region's harmonious co-existence… "Along the banks of this mighty river, grew the culture and civilisation of Assam... over the years, many things have changed but what has not is the Brahmaputra's countless blessings in the form of diverse religious, societal and cultural influences on different ethnic communities living on both banks of this river," said PM Modi.

River Brahmaputra, in fact, makes the nerve-centre of the potentiality, prosperity and This river is, in fact, the nerve-centre of the state's possibility, potentiality and prosperity added Modi Ji.

However, it’s an irony according to PM Modi that instead of visualizing the River Brahmaputra as "Assam's Pride", since the times of the Independence, Brahmaputra was looked upon as ''Assam's Sorrow'' because of the huge amounts of erosion and devastating floods caused by the river. "Our government since coming to power made sincere attempts to realise Brahmaputra''s innumerable blessings," the PM stated.

He has even laid the remarkable foundation of the longest inter-state river bridge of the country stretching to about 19 km from Assam’s Dhubri to Meghalaya’s Phulbari. The estimated cost of this bridge is Rs 5, 000 crores. Also, the foundation of the 8-km long Jorhat-Majuli bridge has been laid by the PM. Furthermore, the foundation of Guwahati’s North East Data Centre worth Rs 350 crores has been laid by the PM along with online portals such as CAR-D and PANI for the ease of business operations.

Developing the connectivity via railways, roadways, airways and the inland waterways is likely to help in realising the dreams and aspirations of the natives of Assam and in making the state the key growth centre of India, he stated.

Efforts are being made to make Assam and the northeastern part of India the notable hub of cultural as well as business relations with the other neighbouring East Asian countries, Prime Minister Modi stated.

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